Happy Easter!

Happy happy Easter one and all! I hope everyone’s day was as wonderful as mine. I had a day filled with my kids, and cooking, and candy.

I’ve had zero luck working on my heat/ice headband. In fact, I decided to learn Brioche stitch, and ended up making a can cuzy. Such is my attention span. I’ve also knit up a few tiny 4 inch angels for some friends expecting babies in their families. And, for one of my single friends, a Weeping Angel in a glorious mottled grey alpaca.

Coming up soon is MAR-CON! My daughter and I are super excited about our first sci-fi convention. I am hoping my mood stays stable long enough for us to actually attend.

I’ve been struggling with mood lability again. I just can’t seem to find a balance. When I lost my job, I thought I wanted to apply for disability. I have enough health problems. My degenerative disc disease in my neck by itself qualifies me. In the 6 or so weeks since then, I’ve discovered that I am going batshit crazy without working. My OCD is starting to flare up. I’m finding myself buying yarn and sneaking it into the house. I ran into a hell of a deal at JoAnn fabrics. I scored 7 unlabelled skeins of gorgeous yarn for the price of one skein. It’s soft, and sexy, and I love it. So I bought 4 bags. Yeah. 4. I filled my Easter basket with it.

In medical news, I met with the neurosurgeon last week, and we decided to try a month of physical therapy before we do anything as radical as surgery. In the meantime, I totally overdid things yesterday and today, with shopping, cleaning, and cooking. I’m on my second full strength dose of  Tramadol just to be able to move. And I’m not moving much.

My daughter sprained her ankle on the first fishing trip of the year. She’s gimping around on crutches and needs to go see the doc for a recheck tomorrow, so no school for her. Ugh! I still have to get up to take my son to school though. Double Ugh.



design notes for headache band

I am sick and tired of this headache.

I’ve decided to try and design a hand knit band I can use as both a hot and cold compress.

Right now I am working with Lion Brand Amazing and size 8 needles.

CO 24, Brioche st. K in pattern for length of head. I haven’t really measured my noggin yet. When done, k 2 rows for a selvage, then BOtog. For pretties, I think I might add a narrow knit band to center in the front and make it ruche in.